TF Flooring Limited Terms of Service

Customer Service Policy
TF Flooring Ltd (Company Reg: 10546688) operate on the principles of honesty and aim to provide a high-quality work with excellent customer service.

We will do this by:
Knowing who our customers are and what they want – through open communication.
Providing products and services to the highest possible standards to satisfy our customers’ needs, expectations of quality, safety & reliability of service.

Customer: Means the person or company for whom the work is carried out
We: Means TF Flooring Ltd
Us: Means TF Flooring Ltd
Our: Means TF Flooring Ltd

Fixed Price Work
Fixed Price Work shall be given as a firm cost (manifest errors exempted) including Labour & Materials. All works carried out not included in the fixed price quotation will be subject to a minimum hourly rate, agreed in advance and any material cost involved.

Services Booked
When booking a service from us, the booking will initially be classified as pending. Bookings will not become classified as confirmed, until a member of our team has contacted the customer to finalise the booking date and time.

In the event that a booking is finalised and we have to cancel it. You will be offered the choice of a new appointment or full refund, if any payment has been made.

Where a written quotation has been supplied to the Customer, the total charge to the Customer referred to in the quote should not exceed the amount stated but, may be revised in the following

circumstances: –
1. If after submission of the quotation the Customer instructs TF Flooring Ltd (whether orally or in writing) to carry out additional works not referred to in the quotation
2. If after submission of the quotation there is an increase in the price of materials
3. If after submission of the quotation it is discovered that further works need to be carried out which were not anticipated when the quotation was prepared.
4. If after submission of the quotation it is discovered that there was a manifest error when the quotation was prepared
5. We shall not be bound by any quotations given orally or in which specification errors occur.

All charges are subject to VAT at the current rate, except in cases where the work carried out is zero rated.

Payment of our Invoices
Invoices are due for payment within 14 days of delivery to the Customer. If any part of that invoice remains unpaid after 14 days, we may exercise the right to charge the Customer interest at the rate of 10% + VAT until payment in full is received by us.

Stage Payments
For large contracts or where there is a significant delay between first fix and second fix, we may request stage payments to cover the value of work completed to date.

Where there is significant expenditure on materials prior to work starting, we may ask for an up-front stage payment to cover the cost of these materials.

If the Customer cancels their oral or written instructions prior to any work being carried out or materials supplied, then within reason the Customer shall be liable for any related expenditure together with the profit that would have been made by TF Flooring Ltd had the work been carried out and/or materials supplied in accordance with such instructions.

These Terms & Conditions and all contracts awarded between TF Flooring Ltd and our Customer shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law.

Warranties and Guarantees
TF Flooring Ltd will guarantee all workmanship for up to, but not exceeding, 1-year. This does not affect your rights regarding manufacturers warranties.

Should a customer be unhappy in any with TF Flooring Ltd workmanship, please contact the office 01424 552890 and log this with a member of staff. Alternatively send any complaints to our Operations Manager, Sue Ramshaw. We endeavour to respond to all complaints within 24 hours.